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Asset Management

Asset Management
We examine the complete hotel operation with an objective to maximise the asset value. This includes property, operational and budget reviews; management agreement compliance; revenue, sales & marketing reviews as well as the monitoring of capital expenditure. Reviews can take place on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on the needs of the client.

Focus points:
• Manage the investment (ROI, capital expenditure, exit strategy)
• Control the management agreement (cost, value, compliance)
• Review the operation (marketing, revenue, cost, cash, working capital)

In addition to a regular asset management contract we can provide our clients with:

Change Management
Project management of any change program such as software implementations, creation of shared service functions, introduction of new reporting standards.

Year End Reporting
By working closely with your finance team and auditors we can speed up the consolidation of group reporting and clearly identify risks and opportunities from an operational perspective.

Our other services: Asset Development and Operational Audit & Support