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Over the years our company has successfully completed more than 70 hotel development and asset management projects. We support international investors, operators, as well as regional development companies in all matters relating to the business development and management of hotel investments.

Whilst accompanying our clients through the 'before, during and after the opening' stages of the hotel project, together we achieve the main goal:

Maximum return on your investment

We are regularly approached by investors from all over the world with queries with regards to current and future hotel investments. Please find below some frequently asked questions that maybe of help:

What is the real ROI of my project?
• We create a flexible model linked to total investments and operational P&L data to keep you up to date.

How do I get an earlier return on my investment?
• We find the best position in the market for your hotel: marketing, pricing, selling and tight cost control from the start. This will accelerate the return on investment.

How do I know if my hotel is competitive?
• We check your hotel’s performance against its competitors and get independent reports on the market. 

How do I get the best management contract?
• We negotiate the best possible conditions on your operational agreement. This will directly impact your return.

How do I know I get the best result out of my management agreement?
• We work directly with the operator and ensure that all agreed terms are implemented at all times. 

How do I know what I need for the pre-opening period?
• We know from experience what is required to have the best and most efficient start.

Why do I need asset management?
• We know the hotel business from the inside and give you an objective view on the value of your investment. Usually we are able to improve operating result to at least twice the value of our fees and improve cash-flow by managing working capital with the hotel team.

What can you do for me as asset manager?
• We examine the complete operation of your hotel – from revenue and costs, to distribution and marketing, to cash flow and working capital, with the clear objective to maximise the value of your asset.

If you would like to discuss your hotel investment, please contact us.