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Operational Audit & Support

Internal Control
Verification of all financial and operational processes in the hotel, which gives a clear definition of the risks and opportunities in the balance sheet. By analysing all balance sheet reconciliations we can give you a clear view of the actual assets and liabilities within your company. As part of our review system, we pay particular attention to the operations of the hotel, as opposed to statutory perspective of the annual audits.

Task Force Support
Should we discover any structural anomalies as part of our internal control or asset management reviews we can form a 'task force' for the client. Our team re-creates the required internal procedures with the overriding goal to eliminate risks and to bring operational integrity to the highest level.

Reporting, Planning and Analysis
We create daily, weekly and monthly reporting and financial group consolidation models. Our models are transparent and meet the reporting requirements of both owners and operators. They can be tailored to your specific needs for information and can form the basis for weekly forecasting, annual budgeting and financial reporting.

Our other services: Asset Development and Asset Management