The main goal of all our services is to improve hotel performance and, as such, its return on investment.

Ideally we are involved in a project from conception onwards so that our clients benefit from our knowledge and expertise from the very beginning and are able to avoid time and money consuming errors during the project.

We can guide our clients through all stages of asset development: design, build, operator selection and negotiations and pre-opening. This flows naturally into asset management post opening of the hotel. We can commence these services at any stage of the project or offer you a one off ‘health check’ of your operation.

Asset Development

We create detailed feasibility reports for new hotel projects as well as development capital expenditures. We are able to realistically evaluate the investment possibilities and choose the most lucrative payback option for your hotel.

We support our clients through the whole process of selection and negotiation with the management or franchise company. Finding the correct operating structure has material impact on all aspects of the operation as well as potential returns.

We can provide full pre-opening support for independent properties or represent Ownership in cases where there is a brand involved. Our perspective will always be that the hotel comes first in this process.

Asset Management

We represent Ownership by constantly examining the complete hotel operation with an objective to maximise the asset value. This includes property, operational and budget reviews; management agreement compliance; revenue, sales & marketing reviews as well as the monitoring of capital expenditure. Reviews can take place on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on the needs of the client.

In addition to a regular asset management contract we can provide our clients with:

Change Management

Project management of any change program such as mergers and acquisitions, group consolidations, software implementations, creation of shared service functions or the introduction of new reporting standards.


By working closely with your finance team and auditors we can speed up the consolidation of group reporting and clearly identify risks and opportunities from an operational perspective.

Operational Audit & Support

Internal Control

Verification of all financial and operational processes in the hotel, which gives a clear definition of the risks and opportunities in the entire hotel. By analysing the balance sheet as opposed to the P&L we can give you a clear snapshot of where the actual assets and liabilities are at. As part of our review system, we pay particular attention to the operational integrity of the hotel, as opposed to the statutory perspective and materiality of the annual audits.

Task Force Support

Should we discover any structural anomalies as part of our internal control or asset management reviews we can assist with the creation of a ‘task force’ for the client. We can re-create the required internal controls with the overriding goal to eliminate risks and to bring operational integrity to the highest level.

Reporting, Planning and Analysis

We can daily, weekly and monthly reporting and financial group consolidation models. These models are transparent and meet the reporting requirements of both owners and operators. They can be tailored to your specific needs for information and can form the basis for weekly forecasting, annual budgeting and financial reporting.

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