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COVID-19 Challenge as well as Opportunity

In spite of the current COVID-19 pandemic hotel developments and hospitality start-ups are continuing and seizing opportunities that are created by the need to change the way we work, rest and play. Communities in all areas are becoming more and more important as is health and wellbeing. We are actively working with clients, alliance partners and suppliers enable this so that Owners, Operators and Hotel Teams can jointly continue to provide hospitality that works in 2020 and beyond and provides returns going forward.

The investment climate across the world will see challenges but also opportunities and even cautious investors are looking for chances to develop an appropriate hospitality business in this market. Today, more than ever, the demand is high for operational advice on the selection of concepts, hotel management companies, asset development and practical ways to improve net cash flows and return on investments. We are happy to support you in assisting with developments and asset managing properties as soon as operations go live.  

Our History

Throughout our combined 100 years of experience in operations and corporate finance in the hospitality industry we have discovered a specific need for independent and competent help with asset management, development projects and challenges in hotels and their corporate offices. To support this need Alex Slors Consulting was launched in October 2006 and to date we have successfully contributed to a large variety of projects.

By forming alliances with likeminded consultants we are able to share strengths in an effective way and applicable to each project. We are continuing our successful partnerships with Grace Leo Consultancy in London & Paris, Global Asset Solutions in Barcelona and Pimlico Asset Management in Geneva.  In all cases we jointly look after projects and provide broader support as and when required. 

In addition, we are involved in the Denizen ‘space with a service’ initiative which simplifies the way we live, work and collaborate as a company and as a community (www.thisisdenizen.com). We continue to provide guest lectures at EHL in Lausanne and ESSEC in Paris on an ad-hoc basis to create a better understanding of our area of expertise and its integration into day to day management in hotels.

Our Mission

We are an independent hotel development and asset management company. Using our many years of combined experience in the international hospitality market we provide tailor made solutions that will lead to effective operations, optimal positioning in the market and the best return on investment.

Hotel investors need a reliable and objective assessment of the quality of management that is given to their asset. An independent expert can provide this and indicate ways to optimise the working relationship in between the Owner, the Operator and the Hotel Management team which is the key to success of any hotel project.

Many companies offer similar services but only few would be able to maximise the value of your asset and increase your cash-flow. We are one of the ones that can guarantee you results through hands on support from consultants that have all worked at senior executive level in major hotel groups around the world.

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